Camp in Comfort

An Ice Castle is more than just a fish house. Our RVIA Certified RV’s can be used at campgrounds across the country.

Your home is your castle, and your Home Away From Home should be just as cozy

Mosquitos going hungry this summer

Fish regretting their decision to cheat on their diet

Chances per year to make new memories


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Have It Your Way

You know what’s awesome about building things from scratch? You can have it all your way. Or, you can opt to customize one of our existing floor plans. With ample kitchen space and room for a wall-mounted TV, you’ll never lack for entertainment in between reeling in fish. 2 to 6 of your best friends can crash in comfort on built-in bunks, and the best part? You’ll never need to seek out nature’s toilet paper.

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The Possibilities are Endless

Your Ice Castle isn’t limited to short trips out on the ice in winter. It’s also great for summer camping, hunting, fishing, and putting at least 9,282 miles between you and your mother-in-law. Wherever your Ice Castle takes you, there’ll be more time for adventuring.

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The Features You Really Want

Minnesota is a unique environment with super cold winters and summers with swarms of mosquitos big enough to carry your cousin Larry away. The high-quality build of your Ice Castle gives you the chance to focus on what’s important instead of frostbitten fingers, or all the bugs feasting on you in the night. (How do they always seem to find their way inside a tent?!)

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Made In Minnesota

We know cold. And ice. And since we’re full of Minnesota nice, we source our raw materials from local manufacturers as often as we can.

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Family Owned & Operated

Our family had a dream to make ice fishing as cozy as a lazy afternoon on our sofa watching a Vikings game. In 1997 we made that dream a reality. Everyone loved our Ice Castles, and we’ve been churning them out ever since.

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We're Old

And we’re grumpy. But we have 25 years of experience making things more comfortable. That’s probably why Ice Castle has stuck around so long. It’s definitely why we’ve sold more than anybody else in the world.

Your new Ice Castle is closer than you think!