8′ X 18′ Hybrid RV EXTREME

Length: 25′ Weight: 7,240 lbs Sleeps: 6 Slide Outs: 0 Ice Castle Fish House 8′ x 18′ Hybrid RV Extreme—a true embodiment of power, versatility, and uncompromising performance. This extraordinary model is designed to take your ice fishing experience to new heights, combining the best features of an RV and a fish house to deliver an unparalleled adventure on the ice. With a length of 25 feet, the Ice Castle Fish House 8′ x 18′ Hybrid RV Extreme offers a spacious interior that provides an abundance of room for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you’re seeking shelter from the cold or a comfortable gathering space for family and friends, this fish house exceeds expectations. Weighing in at 7,240 pounds, this model is ready to tackle any terrain and weather conditions. Its robust build ensures stability and durability, allowing you to confidently traverse even the harshest ice fishing environments. Take on extreme adventures with a fish house that matches your unyielding spirit. Inside the Ice Castle Fish House 8′ x 18′ Hybrid RV Extreme, discover a sleeping area that comfortably accommodates up to six individuals. Experience a night of unparalleled comfort and rejuvenation, ensuring that you wake up refreshed and ready for another day of thrilling ice fishing. This model showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless integration of functionality and style. With its thoughtfully designed interior layout and efficient use of space, you’ll find that every inch of this fish house is optimized for your convenience and enjoyment. No slide-outs are needed to provide you with ample room to make lifelong memories on the ice. Crafted with Ice Castle Fish Houses’ commitment to excellence, the Ice Castle Fish House 8′ x 18′ Hybrid RV Extreme is built to withstand the toughest elements, providing you with years of reliable service. From its sturdy construction to the high-quality materials used, this fish house is engineered to exceed your expectations and withstand the rigors of extreme ice fishing adventures. Embrace the power and versatility of the Ice Castle Fish House 8′ x 18′ Hybrid RV Extreme. Explore uncharted ice fishing territories, create unforgettable memories, and elevate your outdoor experiences to new levels of excitement. Prepare to embark on the ultimate fishing expedition with a fish house that sets the standard for extreme performance and unwavering reliability.

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